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- Abby & Kevin

While I am a pretty detail oriented individual myself and felt like I had a decent handle from the upfront planning perspective, she stepped in at all the right moments and was incredibly helpful in instilling confidence during vendor meetings and any relieving you from the notorious decision fatigue . She asks the questions you didn't even know to ask. The day of the wedding is truly where Veronica and team shined for us, they took care of the nitty gritty behind the scenes that allowed us to truly be present in the moment and not worry about logistics, timing etc. If you're looking for someone to create a stress-free, memorable wedding or event, look no further."

"Veronica was everything you could ask for in a wedding planner! Truly one of the best investments we made for our wedding.

- Ashley & Ricardo

My wife and I had the absolute pleasure of working with Veronica and her team. I can absolutely say that Meg (our day of planner) and Veronica surpassed our expectations. From the month leading up to the wedding they communicated with us and helped keep us on track. They were genuine, caring, and professional. From late emails, to last minute changes on our end, Meg and Veronica supported us and were patient and supportive. On the day of Meg was always there taking care of our guests, taking care of us, and assuring us that our wedding went according to our plan. I would recommend these awesome ladies over and over again! We love you guys!"

"I cannot say enough about how much of a positive difference it made to have Meg and Veronica with us on our special day.

- Clare & Peter

The value of Veronica's service is truly unmatched. We signed up for Veronica Rose Planning's Month-Of Coordination package and she exceeded our every expectation. From the month-out meetings and week-of check-ins to the rehearsal dinner and the big day, Veronica was always available, responsive, kind and supportive. The services that Veronica and her team provided helped ensure that our wedding looked exactly the way we dreamed about it for so long. We firmly believe that even the most organized couple will need a bit of help on the day of their wedding. Thank you Veronica and team!"

"Having Veronica and her team gave us the peace of mind to truly enjoy our day while feeling confident that everything was being taken care of.

- Özge & Keith

Both Meg and Veronica went above and beyond in everything they did! Meg was the lead planner on the wedding day, and Veronica was a constant source of support in the weeks leading to the day. We experienced some serious problems with the first caterer we found ourselves, and when it became apparent that we needed to find a new caterer 2-3 weeks before the wedding, Veronica found us a great caterer at the last minute (and her caterer was great and so reliable). Both of them were well organized, easy to work with, and very responsive throughout the entire process. My only regret is not hiring them as full planners. Veronica and Meg, we are grateful for everything you have done for us!"

"Thanks to Veronica and Meg, everything went smoothly on our wedding day, and we got to enjoy our wedding.

- Aurora & Andrew

Veronica is the consummate professional!!! She and her team went above and beyond our expectations. Veronica has years of experience with a long list of vendors in the Wisconsin area which helped make the day-of experience feel like we were part of a large, coherent team - everything was orchestrated to perfection. I would recommend Veronica Rose planning to anyone I know - she was worth every penny and such a pleasure to have in our corner."

"Veronica handled every detail of our wedding with grace and ease, making all involved feel totally at peace and focused on enjoying the celebration.

- Amalia & Dan

 The month of planning was great, Veronica was so knowledgeable and helpful with creating the timeline for our ceremony and the whole day. She was able to create a floorplan layout for us and gave great suggestions on things we had questions about. Communication was open and she was quick to respond to anything we needed. On the day of the wedding, Meg translated and executed our had written notes and scribbles to exactly want we wanted at the venue. She held on to things for me, so anytime I asked her, where’s this, who has my phone, where did I put this, she was on top of it!

"I highly recommend hiring Veronica and Meg for your wedding needs, they were truly the best!

- Kaylin & Sydney

We cannot say enough positive things about working with Veronica! She was absolutely instrumental in bringing our vision to life and making sure our wedding ran smoothly. We hired her for the “6-weeks out” package and it was the best decision we made in our wedding planning process. I cannot stress enough how little we had to worry about on our wedding day because Veronica was there to put all the pieces together. Even our families and guests raved about her after the wedding day."

"We had different vendors for every single component in our wedding and Veronica was the force behind getting everyone on the same page. 

- Breanna & Dalton

Veronica was absolutely amazing!! I was originally not going to hire a wedding planner for my day but I am so happy I did! Veronica was the only reason I was able to be stress free leading up to my day. She took care of coordinating all my vendors and when we had to deal with bad weather on our day she was right by our side helping us figure out our options. We ended up having to do a room flip due to weather and I am so grateful and thankful that Veronica and her team were there to take care of it! I also had given Veronica pictures of my decor setup and she made it look even prettier than what I sent her!!! I 1000% recommend Veronica to everyone and I promise you that you will not regret working with her. If you are on the fence about a planner, do it!"

"A planner is an absolute must and my day was so smooth because of Veronica.  

- Aleshea & Sam

We hired Veronica for her month-of coordination package for our June 2023 wedding. Although we hired her for month-of coordination, she was always willing to help if we had questions/concerns prior to the wedding. She was responsive, professional, attentive to the details (which were a lot!!), personable, and overall just a great helping hand before and during our wedding day. Additionally, her help and expertise during vendor meetings were integral in relieving some of our stress leading up to the big day! With Veronica's help we didn't have to worry about anything which allowed us to be fully present for our special day!"

"Veronica and her team were the best investment my husband and I could have made for our wedding day.

I have had a love for hosting people ever since I was a teenager and my family would host huge Christmas Eve dinners. My sister & I would tag along with my Mom to pull out all the stops for the perfect Holiday gathering. My education in the industry started when I attended Culinary Arts College in Downtown Chicago. The flame was lit. Throughout my 25 years of work history I have found myself in almost every facet of the hospitality industry. Catering, Restaurants, Private Dining, and of course Weddings, I have seen it all. 7 years ago I took the plunge of fulfilling my dream of being my own boss, and helping couples, enjoy the best day ever! 



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